How to manage app permissions on your iPhone

Every time you install an app on your iPhone, it comes with permissions attached — permissions that determine what it can and can’t do. These permissions cover some pretty fundamental parts of iOS, including access to the iPhone camera, microphone, and current location. The permissions get asked for one by one as they’re needed, so you’ve

March 3rd, 2024|Categories: Apple, iPhone, News|

5 iPhone Apps To Help You Focus And Minimize Distractions

Cavan-Images/Shutterstock While finding the will to study for your upcoming midterm exam or work on a report you need to present at a meeting is a challenge on its own, your phone probably makes this challenge even tougher. Hearing your iPhone vibrate and ping with texts and calls every few seconds can be distracting and

March 2nd, 2024|Categories: Apple, iPhone, News|

10 iPhone pro tips that are actually helpful

If you want to get better at using your iPhone, there are several pro tips that you should know. Whether you have the latest iPhone 15 models or an older device, these iPhone tips should teach you a few things that you might have missed. Holding down the shutter button: If you love the iPhone

February 26th, 2024|Categories: Apple, iPhone, News|

5 Must-Have iPhone Apps For Tracking Your Home Inventory

Constantinis/Getty Images In a world where overconsumption is increasingly becoming the norm, it can be challenging to maintain all the things already in your home. In a 2019 press release, the selling app Mercari shared that Americans collectively had over 5 billion unused items in their houses. Knowing this, it's unsurprising that many people are

February 25th, 2024|Categories: Apple, iPhone, News|

Where Are iPhones And iPads Made?

Apisorn/Getty Images Outsource manufacturing has been a subject of intense debate in the United States for decades. Critics claim that outsourcing has led to wage stagnation and increased domestic unemployment, while reducing product quality and exploiting lax labor laws in developing countries. Proponents, on the other hand, argue that it has made American companies more

February 23rd, 2024|Categories: Apple, iPhone, News|

GameSir Galileo G8 review: My iPhone 15 Pro is now the best Nintendo Switch

Galileo G8 GameSir Galileo G8 is the perfect gaming controller to take advantage of the powerful A18 Pro chip available on the iPhone 15 Pro. Pros Beautiful design inspired on SNES Extra USB-C port for pass-through charging Detachable faceplates for customization Cons Not the thinnest controller to carry around It might give you cramps with

February 22nd, 2024|Categories: Apple, iPhone, News|
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